Air transportation is the fastest method among transportation methods. Although our air department has started to work with a boutique service approach, it has been able to add new services every year and has focused on how to provide better services to our customers. Our company continues to carry your cargo in first class quality and safely both in international and domestic transportation. We offer import and export services for all airports involved in international trade. Thanks to our qualified service understanding and strong agency network, we offer door-to-door shipping services. We provide flight safety and speed at the highest level. Thanks to our expert staff, we are one hundred percent satisfied with our customers. You can choose the method of air transportation with peace of mind

What are the Advantages of Air Freight?

Air transport is the method that enables all needy people, especially imports and exports, to deliver their cargoes with the most suitable method at the most appropriate time. Although air transport is new in the historical process compared to other types of transport, it has managed to become one of the most preferred methods today. Its use has increased in recent years. In this type of transportation, products with low weight and volume, but high value, are transported. The first of the advantages of this transportation system is the short delivery time. Thanks to the airlines spread around the world, it offers the opportunity to easily transport your desired product from one end of the world to the other. The packaging of the items is done with care and it is ensured that your product is not damaged.


What are the products that can be transported by air?

As we mentioned above, heavy and bulky loads are not suitable for air transportation. Items that are light in load and heavy in cost are generally transported by this method. In addition to precious metals such as gold, diamonds and jewelry, products such as medicines, books and spare parts can be transported by air. On the other hand, food products that are likely to spoil quickly, such as fresh vegetables and fruits, flowers can be transported in a short time by air. Another application that comes to the fore in export transactions is the sending of samples.

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