Armony Global Logistics, in your RoRo (Roll on / Rolloff) transports, we offer our integrated transports from anywhere in the world, from the pick-up point to the final point, in a way that ensures your profitability and satisfaction, from a single source, with our strong cooperation and values.

In addition, we provide competitive freight rates in our RoRo transportations, as in other transportation areas, and provide convenience in terms of operational and documentation with careful planning, coordination and information at every stage.

RoRo is the safest and most efficient mode of transportation for your car, truck, bus, trailer, mining equipment, agricultural equipment, construction machinery or heavy project cargo transport. The reason for this is that your loads are in RoRo transport; In and out of the ship, over the ship’s ramp, it can be driven or towed and the cargo is always stowed under the deck.

For your Transport, Static and Heavy Project loads with MAFI Trailer;

Armony Global Logistics; It is also innovative in efficient static cargo shipping with MAFI Trailers. In fact, we prefer to transport this method of shipment over the mafi with RoRo Ships, instead of traditional “Tweendecker Ships” and special containers. In general, costs are generally cheaper for many types of cargo.

On MAFI Trailers we ship mining equipment, construction equipment, agricultural equipment, locomotives, boats, industrial plants, machinery and power generation equipment in general.

By loading your static and heavy project loads on mafi trailers or lowbed trailers, we can transport your shipments more safely and cost-effectively.

We would be happy to offer you a comparative price and cooperate to ensure that your cargo is transported in the most efficient way.


What are the Advantages of Ro-Ro Transportation?

What are the Advantages of Transporting with Ro – Ro?
1. In RoRo Transportation, the risk of damage during loading and unloading is low since it is carried inside the ship with special equipment until the final destination.

2. In RoRo Transportation, there is no risk of water damage during the entire trip, as there is no stacking on the warehouse.

3.RoRo transportation has low loading and unloading costs.

4. In RoRo Transportation, loading and unloading times are fast.

5. In RoRo transportation, they make more voyages due to their high speed and low waiting times at the ports.

6.Loading/unloading is done by teams specialized in Roro.

For these reasons, Ro-Ro mode is the safest and cheapest mode of transportation.


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Load types that can be accepted as ro-ro; RoRo Accepted Self Propelled Load Types: Automobile, Bus, Truck, Bulldozer, Mobile Crane, Excavator, Construction Equipment (tracked - rubber wheeled), Tractor, Caravan, All Kinds of Agricultural Vehicles, Fire Trucks, Concrete Trucks and All Kinds of Construction Vehicles, Towable Load Types Accepted RoRo: Truck trailer, Mobile Concrete Batching Plant, Boat, Transmixer RoRo Accepted Self-Static Load Types: Construction Equipment, Boat, Container, Generator, Train Tracks and Tanks

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